10-year-old son weighs 192 kg

By | January 7, 2017

Jewish spiritualists recognize Hermes as the antediluvian prophet Enoch, or Idris, as the Muslims call him; while old Egyptians consider Hermes to be Thoth, the lord of Wisdom, Learning, and Writing. He was given this apotheosis alongside Imhotep, the colossal designer under the rule of King Zoser of the Fourth Dynasty. No doubt both men were eclipsed by the original figure of Thoth, and were recognized in that capacity by both the inward and external circles of starts of the Mystery Schools.

Thoth, or his Greek partner, Mercury, was a detachment of the divine beings; and as a prototype incarnation of this god, Hermes satisfied his name by his artistic productiveness. Old scholars proclaimed that the “Trice Greatest” composed a large number of books on what later got to be distinctly known as Hermeticism and Alchemy. Tragically that next to no of Hermes’ works survived the fire and annihilation of libraries and books by Roman and Christian enthusiasm in the early day break of the Piscean Age.

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The world overall is still unmindful of the colossal misfortune, and it will take some time before the conjuring is made by the masses for the Greater Light, for revelation of endless rule that would sparkle upon the ways of men, and thusly.

for a full rebuilding and foundation of a mysterious library of the world, with a file and database of each known framework and custom of the otherworldly side of life. Albeit little is known about Hermes, it is clear through the works ascribed to him that he was a mediator of the Wisdom Ray of the Supreme Being.