5 Disturbing and Shocking Moments

By | February 3, 2017

The reports in the present volume have been drawn from State and Defense Department records, and concentrate on the 1965 war, the East Pakistan emergency of 1971, the separation of Pakistan, and the initial two years of Z.A. Bhutto’s run the show. The reports, comprising of correspondence between the US consulate staff in Pakistan and the State Department, classified letters to the US president, draft answers and minutes of prominent US government.

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approach gatherings, constitute the prospect of American negotiators and the US government about occasions occurring in the subcontinent.The records give the peruser an essence of how remote missions lead their business, and the quantum of info that the US government has available to its before taking any choice. For example, a Policy Appraisal airgram dated February 2, 1971, from the US international safe haven in Islamabad to the State Department in Washington talks of a “theory”.

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which prompts to the question: “… will the nation split into two autonomous wings, East and West?” a similar archive later says, “Keeping Pakistan together has now turned into a noteworthy political assignment … both sides need prepared pioneers aside from Mujib and Bhutto at the top. Both sides have more involvement in unsettling than in representing.

The 14-page evaluation and a couple of more follow-up papers in light of different international safe haven authorities’ gatherings with key Pakistani figures of the time prompted to the National Security Study Memorandum 118, dated February 16, 1971, which was issued by the National Security Council, exhorting the State and Defense divisions and the CIA