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By | December 7, 2016

To see how antiquated images and sounds got to be dialect my exploration took me to the root of dialect and religion to locate their importance. “Mama” is mother in many dialects, [r], [ra], and [a] (declared as [ar]) all mean power. The image for “eye” is [I] and later [y]. The letter [s] is “soul” or ‘light’. The image for circle is [o] while [b] is “conceived” or ‘bearing’.

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‘I-s-mama el’ signifies ‘eye of light-mother god’ and the sun-star was viewed as her image. The banner of Islam is the five-pointed star supported in the bow moon. It is a similar star image that sits on the shoulders of officers worldwide and shows up on war machines and somewhere else. The number 5 includes noticeably in the Islamic religion, there being 5 columns to it and petitions are said 5 times each day.

One of the 5 columns is a required Hajj or adventure to Mecca where the Kaaba is a conspicuous part of the custom. It is surrounded seven circumstances. Late distributed pictures inside the structure demonstrate the sun and moon as its symbols. The number 7 is another type of the sun star.

The seven focuses star sits over the law in western social orders. There are 7 days in a week and seven candles as a rule sit at the head of Christian holy places amid administrations. The law originated from the sun.