Airplanes Collides While Lading During Italian Airshow

By | December 22, 2016

future, so this CD was about his future then, not his future now. Got it?Not mentioned during this run of shows was a little story Graham told in Ridgefield, CT a few weeks ago. I hadn’t ever heard it before and thought it was worth sharing. Graham said that as a little boy

, he used to play in Sherwood Forest, which is, of course, most famous for the stories of Robin Hood. He had a favorite rock upon which he would sit and the letters R.H. had been carved into it. For years he always thought it meant Robin Hood, but later realized…and he raised his eyebrows — and then heard a lot of

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Now on to the good stuff. Sweet Dreams. I’ll tell you a funny story, but I’ll be brief. Last September I went to Vegas for the Labor Day shows. Graham went to one of the cafes in the hotel and I walked up to him so I could ask him a question. Of course, I was naive and an Air Supply newbie and didn’t know better! I asked if there was any possibility of them doing a full version of Sweet Dreams,

because what they had been playing was the River poem/Sweet Dreams combo and while I thought it was great, I really wanted to hear Sweet Dreams in its full glory as it was my absolute favorite song. Graham’s reply was painfully tactful as he said, ‘well, the thing