Allah ki Qudrat Allah ka Mojza

By | January 3, 2017

They manufactured Roma, turn around Amor, and one of them was Constantine who set up the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD in light of the Islamic religion. Its ensembles, request of administration, logbook, celebrations, instruments, and laws depend on the same. The fathers of the congregation utilized their energy to cover up, devastate, or cover anything that identified with its foundations.

Of late it has been uncovered that the Vatican, which was worked by Constantine over the sanctuary of Jupiter, requested the other branch of Islam to be begun. Augustine was charged for the occupation and he discovered Mohammed, a spouse of one of his Catholic parishioners, to be coached as a prophet.

Augustine, who had taken a shot at the New Testament, distributed as the Vulgate (end of 4thCAD), with Jerome presumably then composed the Koran. A video now on the Internet appears inside the Kaaba, the sacred sanctuary that all Muslims must make a journey to, contains the pictures of the sun and moon.

The Islamic banner delineates the five-point star of Mary supported in the sickle moon. It likewise is an image of force in the armed force, police drive, and law making establishments.