Allah Ki Qudrat Fish Allah Ki Qudrat

By | January 12, 2017

As per Dr. Jamal Badawi, the Qur’an is the main uncovered sacred writing that expressly constrained polygamy and descouraged its practice by different stringent conditions. He clarifies that, one reason for not completely prohibiting polygamy is that in better places at various circumstances, there may exist individual or social exigencies that improve polygamy an answer than either separate or a dishonest monogamy while taking part in a wide range of illegal connections. (Jamal Badawi, The Status of Women in Islam, 19).

We are seeing with our stripped eyes what AIDS is doing to humankind. Humankind has been battling a few infections whose causes are known however whose cures are yet obscure. Two of such illnesses are Leprosy and AIDS. Most likely, we have outraged God to such an extent that, should He choose to rebuff us, nobody will be left on this very planet.

Take note of that in thirteenth Century France, more than 2000 offices were worked to house sufferers of Leprosy – a Biblical infection. In any case, the Biblical shame remains so extraordinary that, candidly stacked terms like “Pariah” and “Infection” are did not utilize anymore. It’s currently known as Hansen’s sickness, named after a Norwegian doctor who first stick pointed the microscopic organisms in 1873.

It’s conceivable that the “socialized” man may in the long run crush the world as we probably am aware it today. This obliteration may come about because of ailments – not from Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) or Nuclear Submarines.