Allah shows his miracle

By | January 4, 2017

Anybody so far as that is concerned, yet particularly Igbo pioneers in any way ought to be worried about what decision the cutting edge would pass on what they did or neglected to do. On the off chance that the present Igbo political authority and learned people neglected to see ten, a quarter century now the inevitable separation of Nigeria and development of a free and sovereign Igbo or Biafra country then something isn’t right. By today they should have finished all arrangements expected to run a fruitful Igbo/Biafra country state, isolate from Nigeria.

It is gross carelessness and flippancy in favor of Igbo political, business and scholarly pioneers of today to be so worried about what their neighbors, “the glaring rabble rousers” will state or simply being “cognizant” of the sentiments of the other people who are working just for their own particular individuals’ advantages, and neglect to work for the change of the fortunes of the present and fate of Igbo individuals. We are not extending reality when we say that the current Islamic Boko Haram scourge against Igbo/Biafrans could never have happened if Igbo intelligent people and pioneers had arranged for it ten to a quarter century it started.

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In the event that this tide of death and annihilation that is persistently unleashed on the Igbo in Nigeria must be dismissed then Igbo pioneers and savvy people must make plans to invert this aggregate self-destructive pattern of just responding after the leaders of their kin have been Islamic-partner cut off.

Now there may even now be the individuals who are yet to be persuaded are still keen on discovering “arrangements” by discovering courses through which Igbo individuals will keep on coexisting with whatever remains of Nigerians in a similar nation; that is not an issue. It is the obligation of the aggregate Igbo/Biafran pioneers and masterminds to calmly work harder still to induce such people. No single Igbo or Biafran will be deserted. Igbo assessment pioneers, legislators, intelligent people and businessmen must figure out how to quietly teach and induce each Igbo/Biafra doubter on why their lone alternative is living freely far from Nigeria.