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By | December 26, 2016

The kujang is loaded with secrets. It is said that it conveys inside its frame a magickal drive with an enchanted reason. Typified inside its unique figure lied the theory of the old Sundanese with its Hindu legacy. It is obvious from the previous that this spiritualist cutting edge was made to be to a greater degree a charm, a symbolical objet d’art, instead of a weapon. This is particularly so respected in contemporary circumstances.

The first making of the kujang was really motivated by an utensil utilized as a part of cultivating. This utensil was generally utilized as a part of the fourth to seventh hundreds of years AD. The recently made kujang varied marginally from the working actualizes molded by the acclaimed metal forgers.

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Mpu Windusarpo, Mpu Ramayadi, and Mpu Mercukundo, as can be found in the nearby exhibition halls. It was just in the ninth to twelfth century that the type of the kujang took the shape that we are so acquainted with today. In the year 1170 there was an adjustment in the kujang.

Its esteem as an ornament or charm was bit by bit being perceived by the rulers and nobilities of the Pajajaran Makukuhan kingdom, particularly amid the rule of Prabu Kudo Lalean. Amid one of his profound retreats, Kudo Lalean was told through a psychic vision to re-plan the type of the kujang to fit in with the state of the island of “Djawa Dwipa,” as Java was brought back then.