The alligator is attacking on the human

By | December 26, 2016

In Psalm 2 the Messiah of every one of the 3 religions is to come and crush all non devotees into a million pieces and overcome the world for their religion. A week ago the United Nations High Level Group of the Alliance of Civilizations reported that the issue today between Christianity, Islam and Judaism does not have a religious cause.

Is there an exit from this chaos?There is a one of a kind weapon that starts in Western Java, in the Pasundan (Sundanese) locale. This weapon is called “kujang,” (pron. “koo-jaang.”) Lacking the correct English equal for this we have utilized the expression, “sickle,” despite the fact that its frame to some degree goes astray from the genuine state of a sickle.

Neither does it look like the “scimitar” which bends in a curved manner. In Indonesian a sickle is really called “chelurit.”The Javanese living in the eastern portion of the Java island alludes to the kujang as “kudi.”

To the individuals who are clueless, the indigenous individuals of the island of Java are not all “Javanese.” The western part of the island is populated by a noteworthy ethnic gathering called “Sundanese.” The kujang is the sole landmark of the city of Bogor here in Indonesia.