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By | December 2, 2016

Returning to Pakistan, even at this breaking point, we taxicab see a modest beam of hope…. What’s more, that is all the resistance parties with nationalistic plan for the general population of Pakistan walking together in the battle against radicalism. The Pakistani society need a noteworthy surgery. Some spoiled parts of its social body must be expelled. It is harming, it might even deform Pakistan – yet the surgery can’t be postponed. Something else, the whole body is influenced.

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At this hour, even to consider races, reasonable or something else – may not be insightful by any means. The restriction pioneers must comprehend, and comprehend it well that any question between them should just profit the radicals. Like never before, at this hour Pakistan needs an exceptionally solid government. This hour requires a solid joined common front, for there is still another unfinished homework that must be done – that of purging the Pakistani armed force, Intelligence, maybe even police, of their radical components.

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Ample opportunity has already past that our government officials take in their lessons from Pakistani experience: Radicalism in any shape must not go on without serious consequences. There can be no balance on this issue. Enduring the radicals for transient political pick up is hazardous as well as can be deadly to national reconciliation.

Another lesson that we should gain from Pakistani experience is that, “Having a superpower as a partner is insufficient”. Toward the day’s end, we should clean our own soil. No one else will clean it for us. Let us, along these lines, not depend on any superpower. Release us back to the vision of our establishing fathers: Total Independence in the fields of legislative issues, economy and national/social personality. This, then, is the main vision that can spare us!