Amazing Cattle

By | December 2, 2016

Months before her death, Benazir Bhutto contended over a TV meeting that the vast majority of the Pakistanis were direct, and that the radicals were in minority. In Pakistan, as well as in any general public the radicals have dependably been a minority. However, they can overpower minority. They resemble those small little infections which can’t be seen by our exposed eyes, yet can slaughter us.

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Our general public today is brimming with such infections. They are slaughtering our social life. Not more than a day or two ago I met with a grandchild of one of our establishing fathers who whined about the teaching in the schools. Our little guiltless kids, their immaculate personalities are being harmed with devotion. Indeed, even the colossal grandchildren of our establishing fathers are presented to such inculcation.

What are the conservatives doing about this?Some of them even contend, “What isn’t right in being devotee about one’s religion?”My Lebanese companion, a granddaughter of Syrian Mufti, cautions me.

What is occurring in your nation today happened in our nation somewhere in the range of 16 years back. Around then, we didn’t consider things excessively important. When we began considering things somewhat important, it was past the point of no return.” Indeed, until this date the nation is torn separated between the distinctive groups of one and same society.