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By | December 22, 2016

On 28th June, 2006, the”Compass Direct” reported that a unidentified Christian lady in Izom, Niger State of Nigeria was stoned and clubbed to death for doing a road evangelism. The lady who was accounted for to have seen to a gathering of Muslim adolescents and for giving them tracts, was later denounced by a similar gathering for offending Mohamed.

Muslim fanatics in the region raged the Izom police headquarters where she was held and requested for her discharge to be stoned to death as per Sharia law. While attempting to pirate the lady through the secondary passage, the Muslims got the lady and stoned her to death while three policemen were harmed in the fracas. The columnist who has the order from the general population to reflect the general public and teach it, is in trouble in reporting societal issues.

In a few circumstances, the correspondent confronts individual self restriction, for some different journalists, it is territorial persecution and weight from the state. This confines the capacity of the correspondent to convey result. The media that is gotten in the web of local partition unquestionably would be enraptured on religious line and partisanship will start to inch in.

The inquiries however being raised now are, in what capacity can the Media work in an additional lawful or out-law circumstance, particularly when Muslims demand the Quoran is better than the Nation’s constitution.