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By | January 21, 2017

The reality of the situation is that it is open season on Christians and Jews and that Muslims are the kind of the month. In spite of the overwhelming fear monger assaults that slaughtered a large number of individuals on September 11, 2001, the United States was ready to choose a president that was destined to a Muslim father and who identifies with Isla : mic fundamentalism.

All through the world, Islamic fundamentalism is spreading. It is the quickest developing religion on the planet and is developing at a disturbing rate. The way that the religion educates narrow mindedness, as well as elevates brutality to those of different beliefs is disregarded.

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The human rights manhandle in spots like Saudi Arabia are overlooked by gatherings like Amnesty International, who think that its more secure to dissent in the United States where they won’t be shot without hesitation. Say the Bible is garbage in school and you will get praise from the college. Say the Koran is rubbish, and you will get ousted.

The twofold standard that exists between Christian fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism is evident to any individual who peruses the news. On the off chance that somebody of the Christian confidence accomplishes something savage, the confidence is defamed. In the event that there is a shelling for the sake of Islam, the confidence is shielded.

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