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By | February 11, 2017

When I say deceiving, there will be numerous upon numerous obstructions, colossal dividers and tight boundaries that you should get by to keep consistent with the Islamic traditions. It is conceivable to adjust to the American ways while as yet captivating in Islamic custom. Sort of like take the great and leave the awful.

Has any individual who lives in America ever thought about how we felt as peaceful Muslims living on remote domain? Has anybody ever asked themselves: how do Muslims in America who are not of the Middle Eastern drop feel about everything that is going on?

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You have been cheerfully welcomed to take a look inside the life of an African-American Muslim female. One of which who battles ordinary with her character between being a solid Muslim who puts every one of her endeavors into living here just for the following life as opposed to living the American long for wealth and glitz.

You may think we live ordinary lives…you have no clue. Consistently we endeavor to do somewhat more than we did the earlier day. Implore somewhat more. Give somewhat more. Cuss somewhat less. We are continually attempting to please and experience our lives for humankind’s maker. Tragically, we are still human and we have human desires recently like every other person.