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By | February 11, 2017

Islam is a lifestyle and an exceptionally basic one at that. It shows devotion, humbleness, peace, war, celibacy and more things about existence that I can consider. With every one of the generalizations that circle, it’s hard for a Muslim to stay aware of the who-said-what in this non Islamic nation. By and by, I’ve heard my decent amounts of “Is that a pad case on your head?” to “Are you wearing a bomb strapped underneath your dress?” If anything can be said in regards to Muslims, I ought to know the essence of the plays on words.

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The obliviousness of some non-Muslims is normal generally, that doesn’t mean it gets any less demanding each time they come at us. It is intense on the grounds that we have connection with them each and every day: work, school, transport, shopping and planes. They take a gander at our traditions as exceptionally remote and not American. When we take a gander at ourselves and see nothing amiss with our traditions. We take a gander at their traditions and see disagreements constantly.

Take American TV for instance. In the event that you could portray well known American communicates in a couple words it would be sex, cash, youth and homosexuality. The most mainstream shows in the U.S. have one of these qualities or every one of the four. That is not what the book of scriptures lectures and it’s unquestionably not what our book instructs. However it’s still here and famous to numerous Americans…including me.

On the off chance that this is the thing that individuals are seeing and being nourished since birth-regardless of what religion or foundation this is the thing that they will wind up taking part in as they become more seasoned. How might you be an out and out Muslim on the off chance that you have grown up here in America? It is not outlandish but rather deceptive.