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By | February 6, 2017

Numerous new capable specialists in Pakistan are as yet striving to bring quality Pakistani music.We can without much of a stretch judge Alamgir as the pioneer of music industry who’s first huge hit was “DEKHA NA THA KABHI HUM NAY YEH SUMMA”, and remains the melody he is still most related to, however later tunes, for example, “Yeh Shaam Aur Tera Naam” and “Mein Ne Tumhare Gagar Se Kabhi Pani” kept on adding to his creation.

Alamgir, it must be stated, laid the basis that endless others used to break into the music business. He not just sang well, he was an entertainer in the genuine feeling of the word. There is no denying Alamgir’s commitment to the advancement of the popular music type in Pakistan.

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NAZIA HASSAN was the first to cross the illegal Pakistan-India fringe to sing in an Indian film called “Qurbani” which was “Application JAISA KOI”. What’s more, later this melody turned into an adolescent song of devotion in both India and Pakistan. Also, next NAZIA, ZOHAIB and BIDDU (an Indian author) collaborated to discharge “DISCO DEEWANE” which turned into the greatest pop offering collection till then in Pakistan.

The Hasan kin discharged one more collection, “Blast Boom”, in 1984. This second coordinated effort with Biddu, the undisputed ruler of Indian filmi disco music, was likewise a colossal achievement. Their prosperity denoted a defining moment in the pop history.