Most Amazing Wild Animal Attacks

By | January 10, 2017

Taking after my resurrection the Spirit appointed me to tear down the mass of holy places, go out to the general population and bring back the youthful. At the time the main thing I thought about the divider was what came to me in a dream. It demonstrated a tremendous hindrance that is concealing reality and most are caught behind it not able to get away. The request given to me implied finding who put it up and for what reason? It took years of research and direction from the Spirit alongside repetitive elucidation to nail him.

In a dream I saw CONSTANTINE IS 666 in substantial capital letters before my eyes. That began a branch of research that affirmed that he set up the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD at the chamber of Nicaea. He additionally, as indicated by Revelation 13:13-18, designed Jesus Christ. His experience was Assyrian in nature and what he did dove the world into murkiness. Yet, he was not the one I was searching for.

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“What’s more, he practiced all the force of the main brute before him, and brought on the earth and them which swell in that to love the primary monster, who’s dangerous injury was mended.” Revelation 13:12. This was the one I was after.

My connection is to the Spirit of the Universe who is the unrivaled God. “I am God and adjacent to me there is nobody else. I frame the light and make obscurity, I make peace and make malicious. I God do every one of these things.” Isaiah 45: 4-8