American Actress Jumps from Tower

By | January 2, 2017

We know war as, planes, dropping enormous measures of explosives, illuminating the night sky as though it were day, the greater part of the pilots never getting the chance to see the awfulness of the response on human tissue. We consider war to be tanks, moving over everything in their way, gushing shoot and smoke from the shells that they discharge, tearing down structures from awesome separations.

We consider war to be, men by walking, running and concealing, shooting rockets and rifle shells from conceiled places, slaughtering or being murdered.Men with dread on their countenances however continually obeying requests to progress. We consider war to be blood and sweat, damaged bodies, young fellows simply attempting to return home.


We consider war to be, a necessary chore, a legitimization of activity for self safeguarding and much of the time, an approach to extend, this is the way we see war. In any case, the war of all wars is yet to come, gives up to sacred text and discover how God will end war at Armageddon.

Disclosure 16:16 , Then they accumulated the Kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.This is the scene of the last fight between the strengths of good and malice, God and Satan, Jesus and the Antichrist.