American Girl Crying While Airport Security Checking

By | December 22, 2016

Five; Religious Identity Crisis Conflict (RICC). As I have talked about the RICC in my past article yet I still emphatically feel the RICC of two religious groups on the planet that is Islam and Judaism bolstered by Christianity would be the primary driver of continuation of fear based oppression in future. As it is the greater part of the Islamic Nations as of now see that USA and her partners attack is an expansionist arrangement of Western countries. The Islamic countries expect that;

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USA and her partners attack is a development of my OEM hypothesis;Islamic countries feel persistent nearness of USA would impact their kin mind and debilitate essential textures of Islamic religious personality;Most nations trust that western countries needs to pick up the control of rich ORGA;Large number of individuals trust that locals would get to be distinctly subservient and western individuals the rulers as past.

A constant risk to Islamic most astounding fleeting seat of religion; lack of respect and shame to their ladies people under remote run the show;the most critical is the dread of extension of Israel and USA to pick up control over Middle East Nations.

· Six: Strong verses Weak Nations. As the greater part of the over populated countries would not have the capacity to safeguard and dispatch delayed wars, they would turn to psychological oppressor and guerilla developments to constantly oppose their restriction, in this way, continually defrauding administering/ace decision honest regular people. It would be a day by day routine to hear monstrous bombarding blast at each niche and corner of their influence as it may be, the Jihadi resistance in Iraq is the start of SOT Movements in future.