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By | January 3, 2017

Not long after the primary commission another came to ‘take God off the cross.’ Then a dream was appeared of CONSTANTINE IS 666 in extensive dark letters before my face. That was the begin of a monstrous expectation to absorb information where nothing could be forgotten. The profundity to which I was taken to disentangle the riddles that researchers have thought about for quite a long time made my head turn.

Constantine set up the Catholic Church in 325 AD and he was Islamic. That is referred to in light of the fact that as a component of my exploration his marker qualities were followed back to Assyria and the Amors. They possessed Babylon and through different dreams and things demonstrated this was the home of Islam.

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The Amors constructed Roma (switch Amor) as their last capital and turned into the Romans. Constantine was one of them and he fabricated the Vatican as a parliament of diocesans to control the Empire. They offered an explanation to him who stayed as Pontificate Maximus until his demise. His association then start camouflaging their underlying foundations and concealing anything that could uncover their association with Islam or the city of Babylon.

The Vatican required validity for its Prophet, Jesus Christ, that was created by Constantine. It delegated Augustine as the one to begin another religion that would add influence to its cases. He did that through a person named Mohammad, an accomplice to one of his parishioners.