Anaconda swallows creature alive

By | January 12, 2017

All religions began here in Islam. ‘i-s-l-a-m’ was initially ‘i-s-l-o-m’ which signifies ‘eye’s light-hover of mother’. “Lom” is in ‘shalom’, the expression of welcome in Hebrew. It originates from ‘she-lom’ and is a depiction of the Mother God.

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The general population of Babylon were the Amors and they attacked, killed, stole and attacked and their last Capital was ‘Roma’, turn around ‘Love’. Here is the place Constantine, an Amorite, set up his new religion, the Catholic Church, in 325 AD. He did it along the lines of the Islamic religion of Babylon. He concocted Jesus Christ, clarified in Revelation 13:13-18, and from this came all of Christianity.

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He assembled the Vatican as a parliament of ministers and religious administrators to further control the masses. That body approved the foundation of the Muslim branch of Islam through a man sustained by Augustine Dea, of Hippo, to go about as a prophet. Savagery has been the fundamental weapon of every one of these religions and branches to constrain individuals to acknowledge them and they have thrived.

From the earliest starting point of the day of the master around 4,000 years back there have been 2 divine beings governing over it. The first is the Spirit, the main genuine God of the universe that is in all things and controls everything. The second is the sun that has been embodied into the picture of a lady. Her magnificence and style has conveyed men to her side and she is venerated by numerous as the Mother of God.