Anaconda swallows creature alive

By | January 12, 2017

This is a bizarre thing to put in the book of scriptures about the profound individuals yet it is completely logical. Religion is considered “drain” of the Mother God. In antiquated social orders, for example, that of Babylon, she was delineated with enormous bosoms while conveying and nourishing all life. Her kids rely on upon her for support which incorporates the brain. They suckle the things instructed to them by religions that were conceived of her.

At the point when taken to Babylon to comprehend the foundations of religions and why individuals trust them the Spirit demonstrated to me industry standards to dismantle words to recoup the antiquated dialect and images of sun love. The Mother God was delineated as the sun-star which is shown when the beams enter a gap and separation into the seven conspicuous shades of the rainbow. This made 7 her hallowed number. Along these lines, there are 7 days to a week and 7 candles on the holy places of chapels. It is additionally why Rome broadly sits on seven slopes.

Symbols situated at Ninevah, another old city in Assyria, indicate dividers with portrayals of only various bosoms that are arranged in columns, infrequently push upon line. The “arch” of religious social affair spots was initially ‘d-o-m’ which signifies ‘sustenance of the hover of mother’ or ‘encouraging circle mother’. The bosom is a bolstering circle however so is the hover of the sun.

“Dom” is in many terms got from it, for example, dom-estic; dom-inant; dom-ain, a-dom-insect or resolved; dom-ineer; and ‘dom-esday’, to list yet a couple. There are additionally hundreds with “dom” inside them, for example, ‘irregular’.