The anaconda swallows the human alive

By | December 26, 2016

Last week one of the top American Generals told Congress that the United States military was presently at the limit. Plainly America can’t vanquish the Middle East oil, and keep it out of Shiite or Sunni control without an unfathomably bigger military. The best way to accomplish this is by organizing a military draft. Protection Secretary Rumsfeld was unpopular to the point that he couldn’t have reported a draft.

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This is the reason President Bush supplanted him with Robert Gates yesterday.Here is the issue. Indeed, even with a bigger military, The United States can’t overcome the Middle East without utilizing weapons of mass demolition. Russia is building the Iranian atomic reactor in Bushehr Iran and just conveyed to Iran 1 billion dollars worth of surface to air rockets to ensure the Iranian atomic reactor.

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Russia needs the Middle East oil as well yet they despise the Muslims in Afghanistan and Chechnya as well. Each atomic researcher realizes that Nuclear World War 3, our present heading will have no survivors.

This is the reason President Bush feels constrained to keep atomic weapons out of the hands of Iran, which has now offered their atomic innovation to the various Muslim states and psychological oppressor associations.The Jewish, Christian and Muslim individuals all take after the Old Testament.