The anaconda swallows the human alive

By | December 26, 2016

The United States learned on 9/11 that you can’t generally sit tight for the foe to throw the principal right hook. Infrequently you need to utilize pre-emptive activity. President Bush feels that the United States should now overcome the Middle East before the Sunnis or Shiites snatch the Middle East and follow through on their dangers to wipe the United States off the substance of the Earth and vanquish the world for Islam.

President Bush trusts that on the off chance that he doesn’t overcome the Middle East now then the Muslims will wipe each Christian off the substance of the earth always with their weapons of mass annihilation. The Muslim champ of the Middle East will likewise have the capacity to interfere with the American economy by declining to offer oil to the U.S. what’s more, offering it to China. Each Christian is presently sitting tight for the arrival of Jesus Christ.

In the Holy Christian Bible Jesus Christ says, “I have not come to bring you peace but rather the sword.” Jesus Christ says that upon his arrival he would charge his Christian holy messengers to toss each and every non Christian man, lady and kid into the fire and execute them all since they all were villains. (Matthew 13:36-43).

So the battle now, the clash of Armageddon, Nuclear World War 3, over the Middle East oil is going to start. We are creatures, we live in the wilderness, and the law of the wilderness is “Murder or be slaughtered.