Animal Crocodile & Shark Face to Face

By | December 23, 2016

Jesus talked as much about Heaven as He did about Hell. What I might want to do is a little correlation of the Truth of the Bible over the Lies of The Jihad, as the Muslim Nations attempt to command the world with their false religion.

Islam trusts that the world will in the long run change over to Islam if all groups that are non-Islamic are expelled [AKA, Killed]. To the Muslims the best risk to their global control is Judaism and Christianity. Which both of these will in the end combine under one friend in need Jesus Christ.We will take a gander at The activist understanding of jihad, for the one many are dieing for and of today.

The aggressor understanding of jihad, is to recommend a world-see in which antagonistic against Islamic powers [Judaism and Christianity.] are presently keeping Islam from understanding its maximum capacity for quiet worldwide extension – [Global Dominance]a world-see in which Islam will in the end be received by all humankind [Forced Upon] if these threatening strengths [Jews and Christians] are faced socially and militarily.

Hostile jihad is the pursuing of wars of animosity and success against non-Muslims keeping in mind the end goal to bring them and their regions [Conquer] under Islamic run the show. This view is of constrained subjugation as with Hitler and Stallen. Having a perspective of God that is deciphered by a modest bunch of men who will control all parts of religion. The Saducies and Pharisees, lost power as a result of this same Ideology that the Muslims of Today are utilizing.