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By | January 22, 2017

In the Qur’an the House or the holy area is connected with a mountain (Q, 52:1). Three parts of the Ka’ba are connected with mountain imagery. To begin with, Islamic custom recognizes where Prophet Abraham fabricated the Ka’ba. Second, convention has that Abraham constructing the Ka’ba from rockstaken from five mountains: “Mount Sinai, the Mount of Olives, Mount Hira, Mount Libanon and Mount Judi.”[4]. Third, custom places the Ka’ba inverse the polar star, which is the most elevated point in the sky. Al-Kisa’i composes: “Convention says: the polestar demonstrates that the Ka’ba is the most elevated arranged region; for it lies over against the focal point of heaven.”[5].

These parts of God’s religion have been redesigned in agnostic societies; in this manner astronomical mountain and soothsaying in light of stars turned into the very establishments of every single agnostic religion. In the old Near East, mountains were connected with agnostic reveres, similar to the case with the pyramids of Egypt and the ziggurats of Mesopotamia.

The Mesopotamian ziggurat is likely the best case of a structure with an architectonic introduction depicting the possibility of progressive climb to paradise. It was developed with differing quantities of levels – typically three, five, or seven. The upper level was come to by a momentous staircase. The admirers rose the staircase, and god dropped from paradise to meet them [6]. The place of the meeting between the two domains was a position of extraordinary consecration. Celestial contort based upon halfway information of space science (a blessing from Jinn divine beings) has kept on entrancing the progressive agnostic eras.

Close Eastern files educated that the duku was their place of heavenly judgment. The first (and best-known) capacity is exhibited in a bilingual content known as VR50+51: Incantation: Shamash, When you leave the considerable mountain, the heap of the springs (of water); When you leave the duku where destinies are resolved; When you leave the (place) where paradise and earth are associated, from the establishment of paradise, to (this) place; The colossal divine beings will introduce themselves before you for judgment;The Anunnaki will introduce themselves to you for choices.