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By | January 10, 2017

Wayne Madsen goes ahead to state that the pioneers of ISIS/ISIL are in consistent correspondence with the insight offices, for example, the CIA. US congressperson McCain was seen and captured with ISIS senior Al Baghdadi in Syria… If so then why hasn’t McCain been captured for helping and abetting a psychological oppressor? Madsen says that the general population running ISIS/ISIL are ethnic Chechens who had lived in the Georgian republic working with the CIA. There are others, for example, those from West China…

We realize that ISIS/ISIL is a more refined set-up than Al Qaeda yet the last mentioned, it has been stated, was likewise a false banner operation. Similarly as with Al Qaeda the ISIS/ISIL false banner has been covertly made by the decision first class keeping in mind the end goal to dive individuals the world over into unlimited clashes while they make numerous money related and political increases towards their arranged worldwide control plan.

Goodness what a tangled web we weave… ” is a well-suited depiction of what Constantine did when he built up the Roman Catholic Church and, as per Revelation 13:13-18, created its prophet, Jesus Christ. The web of his double dealing has gotten numerous and holds them as safely as any creepy crawly battling forever that is moreover caught. Not able to escape they endure the outcomes when their being is focused on and eaten up by a predator.

Unwinding that web was an occupation laid on me by the Spirit which guaranteed in Old Testament predictions that toward the finish of days reality will be uncovered and that man of wrongdoing will be evacuated. In a dream these words remained noticeable all around before my eyes: CONSTANTINE IS 666.