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By | January 28, 2017

Any vistor to Sukkur-Rohri Pakistan is typically amazed by the biggest man made landmarks in the region. They are two in number. One is the 118 year old Lansdowne connect and the other is the 45 year old Ayub Arch.

In the photograph above, silver metallic structure is the Ayub Arch and the chestnut metallic structure is the notable Lansdowne connect. This photograph is dated July 25, 2007 and is kindness of Raja IslamIndus was crossed over at Attock in 1887 and that permitted Railways in India to keep running from the Western most post of Khyber Pass toward the eastern city of Calcutta.

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India’s rail connection to the port of Karachi was be that as it may, in any case broken at the Indus streaming between the towns of Rohri and Sukkur. Indus was not crossed over amongst Kotri and Hyderabad either in this way prepares kept running on Karachi-Jamshoro-Larkana-Sukkur course as ahead of schedule as 1879 and afterward they were carried crosswise over to Rohri and the other way around on a stream ship.

At Sukkur the stream Indus moves through a crevice in a scope of low limestone slopes and gets isolated into two channels (Sukkur and Rohri channels) by an island called Bukkur. The Bukkur island in this manner gives the best spot to a stream crossing. See photograph to one side, which indicates two stream channels amongst Sukkur and Rohri.