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By | January 9, 2017

This is ‘I-s-mama el’ which signifies ‘eye of light-mother god’ and the religion of Islam. It started with the sun-star that remaining parts at the focal point of all religions and it offered ascend to male mastery through a conviction that men could turn into its “mates” and control as Father Gods in paradise. How it came to fruition is somewhat basic given that men are visionaries.

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Taking after my resurrection and with a connection to the Spirit of the Universe, the genuine God, it charged me to ‘tear down the mass of chapels and bring back the youthful.’ An immense expectation to learn and adapt and numerous dreams took after that brought the arrangement of God into center alongside the day of the master and its motivation.

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Toward the begin of the day the Spirit seeded a gathering who are known as the ‘offspring of Israel’ and they are the youthful of my bonus. In the meantime it set up hindrances to keep others from finding the connection or taking their legacy. It permitted the development of an enormous divider to shroud reality and just those with a connection to the Spirit can find it. That is they are driven by the Spirit inside.

Islam is the principle apparatus used to test the youngsters since it set up the pictures of false divine beings conceived of sun love yet made so alluring that they are difficult to stand up to.