Arshad Khan (Chai Wala)

By | November 29, 2016

Pakistan can be on the very edge of water fiasco because of India and inside two years or less Pakistan need to assault Indian Dams to get the water for its territories and agribusiness, which may begin an entire war between two nations. Pakistanis emphatically has faith in their super atomic armed force and in the order of General Kiyani and his partners as they think it is the ideal opportunity for our armed force to show India a solid lesson.

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A few segments of Pakistani regular citizens are foreseeing that India’s opportunity is over and there will be no a greater amount of it later on. In the event that Pakistan – India goes to atomic war, Asian forces may get included as Pakistan – China, and China – Russia coordinated effort is should if there should be an occurrence of war, as indicated by the assentions they have marked. Russia will help China and China will do to Pakistan. This trio can make a tremendous issue to India and as India is near United States nowadays, Iran won’t help India regardless.

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Indian organizers must open their eyes and quit prodding Pakistan on the issue of water generally there will be no India in the guide of the world. It is anything but difficult to acknowledge when individuals don’t have sustenance and water then there is no restriction for activities.

In this article, I layout Five fates for Pakistan: (1) the Pendulum proceeds perpetually, (2) Collapse, (3) Joining Chindia, (4) the Great Game, and (5) a South Asian Confederation.