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By | January 2, 2017

Isaiah 28:9-13). Presently is the fleeting tranquility before all hell breaks loose of atomic world war III, Armageddon, which as each atomic researcher knows will have no survivors. Jesus Christ concurred, and called the Holy Bibles aside from the 10 precepts, fatal toxic substance, driving all of us into the fire, and he called the Bible Writers satanic venomous snakes regurgitating their contempt into your Holy Bibles. (Matthew 23). Jesus Christ was the greatest apostate and blasphemer ever.

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As per God ideal in the Holy Bibles the Holy Bibles with the exception of the 10 decrees are icons, the work of human hands. With respect to the toon, God cut in stone that people are not to be adored or loved. This is Islam’s entire issue with Christianity which adores Jesus, and now Islam is venerating and worshiping Muhammad.

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Where does it say, and who said it, that there must not be portrayals of Muhammad? It doesn’t. Islam received the New Testament into their Holy Scripture, and there are incalculable delineations of Jesus, who is additionally the Muslim Messiah, (Koran Sura 3:40-43). There an endless sketches of Jesus Christ notwithstanding the way that the Holy Bible does not contain one single expression of depiction of Him.

Presently, it would show up from the majority of this that the written work is on the divider and we are all now going to take after these 3 Holy Bibles directly into the atomic fires of termination. However, the diversion isn’t over until it’s over.