Arshad Khan (Chai Wala) New Video Song

By | January 2, 2017

As should be obvious, the length of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam exist, there can never be Peace on Earth, ever. Their Holy Bibles disallow it. This is a little example of the endless Divine rules in these Holy Bibles to submit the genocide of all non devotees.

The skeleton in the closet of these 3 capable religions driving all of you into atomic world war III against each other, is that privilege in these Holy Bibles, God of Mount Sinai Himself, otherwise known as God the Father, Allah and Elohim, through each Biblical Prophet including Jesus Christ, called the Holy Bibles with the exception of the 10 instructions finish and articulate excrement.

God called the Holy Bibles excrement, (Malachi 2:1-3), and regurgitation, (Isaiah 28:7-15) composed by unmindful smashed Bible Writers getting their predictions from Satan Himself and afterward marking them “God”, fashioning God’s mark everywhere on their own despise filled decrees.

(Ezekiel 13:1-22). God called these Holy Bibles with the exception of His 10 decrees and these 3 Religions aside from God’s 10 instructions “a safe house of untruths and deceptions that would bring about the general population to fall in reverse and be broken and trapped and taken”, precisely what is occurring today.