Arshad Khan (Chai Wala)

By | November 29, 2016

India is darkening the Pakistani part of the water of the main three streams Indus, Chenab and Jhelum by building Dams like Baglihar and so on. World Bank’s nonpartisan authorities solicited India to change the range from the Dam however India is not tuning in. This blockage of Pakistani water may demolish half of the developed land, and result in an expansion of imports and lessening in Pakistani fares. The water issue is transformed into a major security and survival matter for Pakistanis.

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It is turning into a do-or-bite the dust make a difference because of which inside two years or less Pakistan and India may go to atomic war.India’s most noticeably bad arranging against Pakistan can decimate India inside minutes. Each nation on the planet has a privilege to utilize and store its own waters thus does Pakistan. Pakistan must do anything to get its waters and assets from India. Following sixty-two years of Independence, India, never gained from his history is as yet conflicting with Pakistan at an abnormal state.

Indian organizers must imagine that If Pakistanis can’t get their waters, than they have ability and ideal to grab it from India. Pakistan is an atomic state, and these Dams can be a straightforward focus for super Pakistani Military Command.

Pakistan is as of now confronting the most exceedingly awful deficiency of assets like water, sugar, and power. The circumstance can be more regrettable if Pakistan can’t accomplish the objectives of farming items like wheat, Sugar stick, organic products, rice and so forth.