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By | January 31, 2017

Raven’s Colored Progressive Matrices test has been broadly utilized over a wide assortment of settings in various nations everywhere throughout the world including Pakistan as a reasonable culture measure of non-verbal insight. It is intended for use with youngsters between the ages 5 ½ and 11/2 years. It gauges conceptual thinking using negligible geometric charts. The motivation behind this review was to research the impact of age, sexual orientation and grade on the insight scores.

The example comprised of 192 understudies of Karachi High School, including 107 young men and 85 young ladies of to begin with, second and third grades. Their ages were between 5 1/2 to 10 yrs. what’s more, 5months.Before the genuine testing, compatibility was built up with the kids and the way of test was disclosed to them keeping in mind the end goal to diminish their test uneasiness. Subsequently it was held in a casual air.

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The test was directed separately as per the standard guidelines. Be that as it may they were given in the Urdu dialect for better understanding. R.C.P.M was scored by hand scoring key. Number of right reactions by the subject constituted the aggregate score on the test. The age (in years) of kids was additionally confirmed from the school record enlist.

The information of the 192 understudies uncovers that there is no critical distinction between the scholarly execution of young men and young ladies on the R.C.P.M (Mean for young men is 16.02 and for young ladies is 16.69). This finding is predictable with past discoveries ( e g Aiken, 1982, Halpern, 1986).It might be recommended that the nature of incitement and input which are vital for the improvement of intellectual capacities, for example, to elicit relationship and analogical thinking, is pretty much same for the both genders. Moreover the fortification of the critical thinking conduct, consolation and sex writing by guardians and instructors may not be diverse for the offspring of age incorporated into the present review.