A beautiful Non Muslim sister accepts Islam- Dr Zakir Naik

By | December 25, 2016

shouts, “Hello! I saw you attempt that on when I was viewing the cameras. You know shouldn’t do that! Did you? Did you attempt on the lipstick?”

With hot-pink Estee Lauder smeared everywhere on my lips, I whisper “What do I say?” to my sister, and she takes a gander at the supervisor, claims he has no clue what he’s discussing, and gets my hand to come up short on the store he shouts after us.Watch Video

“It couldn’t be any more obvious, I let you know it’s not a major ordeal,” she says smoothly as I’m sweating and breathing hard, feeling like a runaway criminal.

After a snapshot of hush, we take a gander at each other and break out giggling. Furthermore, right up ’til the present time, regardless I let her discussion me into doing generally imbecilic things, or persuade me that “no one wants to think about it on the off chance