Beshak Maut Ka Koi Wakat Nh Hota

By | February 7, 2017

He didn’t realize that satisfying his guarantee would coordinate the course of his life and prompt to building 130 more schools that would teach 51,000 understudies in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Today he is the executive of Central Asia Institute, an association framed to achieve Mortenson’s objective of making schools for young ladies in remote areas.

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Three Cups of Tea records the difficulties and achievements of the finding the assets, of transporting rooftop pillars by hand for 18 miles, of continuing on through religious resistance and threatening situations. Mortenson is abducted, spied upon, and stuck amidst a confrontation between opium runners.

Through these epic experiences, the story keeps up a profoundly individual tone. Korphe’s town pioneer turns into a surrogate father for Mortenson. He becomes hopelessly enamored and has youngsters. Men promise to bite the dust to secure his life.

Mortenson develops connections that rise above obstructions of custom, religion, and race in the midst of the intricate societies of Pakistan and Afghanistan. He approaches each new society and school building venture as a learner.