Best Punjabi Comedy Scene Ever

By | January 12, 2017

To free the individuals who are caught implies uncovering the untruths that hold them there. They include the work of the 2 monsters of Revelation. The first Is-mal, child of Abraham. He is the start of the city of Islam that turned the world towards sun love and far from the Spirit of God and truth.

He built up his city in Babylon, the place holding the foundations of Islam. He then spread out to catch all who attempted to achieve God by the immediate course.He is portrayed in Genesis 21:19-20 is a prediction about him and that he will stay in the wild and turn into a toxophilite.

That implies a seeker of men and the religion of Babylon is that seeker and it slaughters.The second brute is Constantine who imagined Jesus Christ and built up the Catholic association around it. He did this in 325 AD at the gathering of Nicaea and that is recorded ever.

He was known as a Roman yet his legacy was from the Amors. They occupied Babylon and afterward manufactured Roma, turn around the name and you have its underlying foundations.