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By | December 21, 2016

What will our national government be doing the next morning? Will they be propelling every one of “our” nukes? What will the objectives be? Iran and North Korea? Regardless, Washington D.C. would be an objective if there was just a single. At that point who might the Strategic Air Command target, Caracas? The assault boats could chug into U.S. ports and dump their authentic loads if the port was not in an objective zone.

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The next morning the greater part the U.S. military is sent abroad and the staying military has no headquarters. This would be a phenomenal time for furnished scoundrels to visit the U.S. in a gigantic transport to free our kin from the oppression endeavoring to supplant the previous one. Preemptive administration of an irate, raucous individuals. In the next weeks the United States would look a ton like Iraq does now, unless there were no less than a million occupiers keeping up lawfulness for the 150 million survivors.

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On the off chance that exclusive there was some way the American individuals could kill the danger the U.S. Government now stances to the world. This would make an unequivocal atomic assault pointless. We just need read the U.S. Statement of Independence to see we have a privilege and obligation to disassemble this worldwide danger we have made and permitted to direct conditions to the world. We would at present have state governments to keep up lawfulness and a free confederation could give genuine cash or a premium free credit framework.

Whether Americans pick the peaceful choice or the atomic one, we will require a post assault get ready for revamping. Right now, we have minds in secondary schools and colleges which could think of a few decent plans. On the other hand is no arrangement being American? Perhaps we ought to tune into Jericho (CBS) and perceive how TV screenwriters take care of the issues.

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