Beware before eating out

By | January 22, 2017

All these and different laws are for us; yet for them, as we brought up above, life would be unimaginable for us. Be that as it may, since it is God Who has decided them, He is not subject to or bound to any of these laws by any means. In this way, He may once in a while repeal any of these laws or change the common flux of occasions and make an “uncommon” event because of a Prophet, either to give a proof to his Prophethood or to demonstrate that He is can do whatever He wills at whatever time He fancies.

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We call such an event a ‘supernatural occurrence’. The first word in Islamic writing interpreted as marvel is mu’jiza, which actually implies something which makes others not able to deliver a like of it. In the event that God makes such an event because of a holy person, not a Prophet, then it is called karama, which means, actually, a ‘remarkable support’.

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These favors constitute another confirmation for the Prophethood of Muhammad, upon him be peace and endowments, and reality of Islam.The majority of the Prophets were favored with marvel working God Almighty supported every one of His Prophets with marvel working. In any case, since all the past Prophets were sent to a specific people and their Prophethood was confined to a specific time and individuals, the supernatural occurrences they worked related to human expressions or artworks broad in the season of each.

For instance, since at the season of Moses, upon him be peace, witchcraft appreciated incredible renown in Egypt, God Almighty favored Moses with a “staff” which would change into a snake which gulped every one of the results of magicians. In like manner, at the season of Jesus, upon him be peace, the mending expressions delighted in extraordinary notoriety and the majority of the supernatural occurrences Jesus worked related to recuperating.