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By | January 14, 2017

On the off chance that a man’s instructive, religious and social foundation (and note this is not constrained to Islam) directs that ladies are subordinate to men, that they ought not uncover any piece of their bodies to individuals other than their better half and that sex ought to just happen inside wedlock, it would shock no one to find that such a man would have a troublesome time when stood up to with the more liberal western way of life.

Amid a late discussion, the Wazi Project colleagues theorized that these men being referred to might feel disappointed in their sexual cravings while at the same time feeling an absence of regard for the ladies that don’t submit to the guidelines they consider to be “legitimate”. The mix of sexual dissatisfaction and an absence of regard could be a conceivable clarification for the conduct portrayed in the previously mentioned video.

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Khowar has a place with the gathering of dialects called Dardic, which is a sub-gathering of the Indo-Arian Family. Different dialects in the Dardic Group are Kashmiri, Shina, Dameli, Gawar (Arandui) and Kohistani and numerous other little ones. The dialect which is closest to Khowar in this gathering is Kalashamun, talked by the Kalash individuals in Chitral.

Khowar is fundamentally the dialect of the upper piece of Chitral, or to be more particular the dialect of the Khow Valley. Most of the general population living in the lower part of the nation (up to the present capital town) spoke Kalashamun before.

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