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By | January 14, 2017

Through novice video film, the understudy being referred to highlighted the every day difficulty ladies in Brussels experience as they get offended and irritated by men in the road and on open transport.

Several months taking after the arrival of this video another “law” stood out as truly newsworthy. The Mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, couldn’t think of anything superior to anything surrendering fines of to $320 for individuals discovered handing out affront in broad daylight spaces.

From the Wazi Project perspective this is an inside and out assault on free discourse and a genuine encroachment of individual opportunity. In addition, it is amazingly far-fetched to have any impact at all on the truth on the ground. With nearby races around the bend, Thielemans was simply captivating in artful pandering of potential voters.

It would be more helpful to take a gander at the reasons for this fairly woeful condition of the male populace in Brussels. Given the way that most of the men liable of such hostile conduct towards ladies are of north-African starting point, maybe it is not very implausible to envision that the disposition of Islam towards ladies could be at the foundation of this issue