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By | December 2, 2016

Two or three days after 26/11, I viewed crazy TV with a couple of companions and reasoning that there will be no war, no strikes and nobody gave over. Regardless of weights, despite everything I think this remains constant.

There has been a shock and there have been mottos. Individuals are irate. They would prefer not to see another assault. May be on the grounds that the 26/11 is a stark update that dread can strike anybody, including you and me. So Indians swear ‘never again’ and promise to accomplish something. We are not kidding and mean business. This time Pakistan won’t escape.

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This is much similar to the estimation post 9/11 in the US. US was furious and decided. US pronounced a ‘war on dread’. US could and responded militarily. Be that as it may, where did it get anybody?

A war on Afghanistan. India bolstered it, for the most part, trusting that ouster of Taliban may ease things in Kashmir. Iraq was thoughtless. Truth be told so thoughtless, that preceding the war there wasn’t any fear based oppressor nearness in the nation. Presently there is. In enormous numbers. Spreading.

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