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By | December 26, 2016

India is an inconceivable landmass with an aggregate land range of around 33 million square kilometers, a populace surpassing 122 crores. India’s social structure is a one of a kind mix of religions, societies and racial gatherings. The historical backdrop of India is a long history. India was known as Bharatavasha which extended from Hemalayan to ocean.

With the slow walk of time India endured the worst part of remote attacks. The Persian, Greeks, Kushans, Indo-Greeks, Hunas, Muslims and the British involved this land.The left the impressions of their way of life on the sands of time.Indian culture assimilated every one of the impacts and mirrored its own particular uniqueness.

Birthplace of Indian SocietyOur property, which is referred to today as “Bharat” or “India” was viewed as Bharatavarsha previously. It was named after “Bharata” the powerful legendaryhero and child of lord Yushmanta and ruler Shakuntala.

The persians and the Greeks expanded their influence upto waterway Indus or Sindhu. Since persians affirmed the letter “S” as “H” they proclaimed “Sindhu” as ‘Hindu’. In old persian epigraphs India was delineated as “Hindus” or individuals of the India.