Brave Dog Refuses To Abandon

By | December 29, 2016

Tehran expresses that it has an atomic program for regular citizens and power producing purposes as it were. On Monday, President Obama expressed that his foundation was seeking for,”grounds that can be made where we can begin sitting vis-à-vis” It was the most up to date in a progression of positive remarks he has made about the likelihood of one on one United States and Iran discourse. .

He further stated: “The Iranian people are ready to hold dialogue… in an impartial atmosphere.” The two countries cut links in 1979 after the Islamic revolution, when the American embassy in Iran was occupied for four hundred and forty-four days. “The new American establishment has announced that they wish to produce change and follow the course of negotiation,” President Ahmadinejad stated at a rally in Tehran attended by millions of people.

“It’s crystal clear that real change must be profound and not tactical. It’s unquestionable the Iranian people are open to true changes and are ready for talks in an atmosphere of equivalence and bilateral respect.”Seeking ‘possibilities’

In late January, President Ahmadinejad asked the United States of America to apologize for its previous “crimes” against the Islamic Republic of Iran. They also requested that the United States back out all of its military personnel from around the world, in order for dialogue to be held. President Ahmadinejad’s mentions that American President Barack Obama stated he was searching for a common ground where the U.S could have constructive talks with the Islamic Republic of Iran.