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By | November 29, 2016

Textbooks let us know that India never acknowledged the formation of Pakistan and their armed force would attack Pakistan the primary possibility they got; we would then be compelled to lead frightful lives, much the same as Muslims in India carried on with an existence of subjugation and backwardness.

We were awed by the armed force. We were obligated to the armed force. They were, all things considered, the safeguards of Pakistan. The armed force was wonderful.

A profession in the armed force was a fantasy. Notwithstanding monetary foundation, if a young fellow made it into the Pakistan Army as an officer, it was ensured that he would have a pleasant house, a better than average auto and access to the prestigious Services Club. His kids would consider in great schools and he would be qualified for rebates on everything from basic need to carrier tickets.

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Never again would the police annoy him and insignificant thieves would reconsider before attempting to soften into his home up the military Cantonment. He would get the opportunity to play golf and polo. A vocation in the armed force implied a lifetime of steadiness, regard and security. When he resigned, he would wind up with several plots of land in prime neighborhoods, permitting him to develop old in peace.

At whatever point it came up that the advantages delighted in by armed force officers were intemperate, the discussion would be expelled by saying, “Go ahead yaar, they spend their profession taking a chance with their life for the nation, the minimum we can do is given them a chance to resign in solace.”

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