By | January 11, 2017

Each religious association has designated banquets and festivities identified with the new moons and to the New Year. Celebrations to holy people, remembrances for the dead, supplications to symbols and symbols and pictures that are honestly simply pictures of dead individuals are overflowing all through each group. Individuals ask why they are then continuing wars, starvation, misfortune, brutality, obliteration and climatic occasions. Why is the world in emergency if the God we go to is content with us?

There is nothing past the grave except for an arrival to life. That was my experience when I coasted over my last body and entered a time of haziness amid which a dream of this life was appeared to me. My rebirth is just the same old thing new as everybody who ever lived is presently back in their bodies to be judged, or they have as of late been so.

“The dead men should live:”declares God (Isaiah 26:19). It is guaranteed that God “will turn out.. to rebuff the occupants… for their wrongdoing… while the earth will uncover her killed” Isaiah 26:19-21.

As indicated by Isaiah 28:8 there is no place spotless as “all tables are loaded with regurgitation.” In a dream I saw individuals slithering staring them in the face and knees in lanes brimming with dead individuals.