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By | January 11, 2017

With memory of my last demise and entry between lives the learning that paradise and hellfire are myths accompanied me. There in like manner are no substances like fallen angels, heavenly attendants or holy people as they are religious window dressing to get individuals in and make them feel good. Paradise is the snare and hellfire is the bolt on the entryway with dangers of unceasing flame and punishment if individuals escape or talk against the creed.

The two mammoths have done their employment and the otherworldly have been tried over the span of the day. Judgment is occurring at this moment as everybody who ever lived has returned in their bodies and they are being managed, by predictions, for example, Daniel 12:13.

Religion can’t get by despite rebirth and the fall of paradise and damnation, as anticipated in Isaiah 45:4-8 and somewhere else. The trick against God is presently reaching an end and those caught by the falsehoods are being discharged from them. It is going on as Mount Zion is worked as the asylum toward the finish of days (Micah 4:1).

The present day world is loaded with information and advance has been quick as of late. It is hard, along these lines, for some to picture a period when individuals couldn’t read and compose. It is in the relatively recent past this was the situation in many social orders and just the knowledgeable were proficient.