A camel with no head

By | December 2, 2016

The continuous condition of turmoil, disorder and uncertainty in Pakistan is by all accounts fantastic by security and law implementing organizations/foundations. The each passing day leaves appalling and frustrating effects upon the brain research of Pakistani occupants. Be that as it may, the vote based government and political gatherings are in ‘verbal catching’ with each other, only to rule class, not for overall population interests.

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In such irreconcilable situation, the overall population of Pakistan is losing their suspicion that all is well and good and Pakistan is titled as a ‘security state’ instead of a ‘welfare state’. This is the most noticeably bad marker for peacekeeping and peacemaking in Pakistan.

Headless Camel / Dromedary with no head / A… by TariqJameelFans

In spite of the mistake and dissatisfactions, there is still a beam of seek after the general population of Pakistan, i.e. religious pioneers of various beliefs – especially of Islam – and their individual sections/schools of thought. They, if have a profound duty to peace, with base upon their confidence duties, can serve as individuals.

who can manufacture a peaceful and tranquil society. They can contribute a great deal towards the procedure of peace working through the use of certain approache