Camel slaughtering goes wrong

By | December 14, 2016

A few urban communities have at least two. A considerable measure of exertion and cash is put into raising a place of Allah. “So what’s the issue?” you may inquire. Give me a chance to clarify. At the point when a group anticipates building a Masjid, it needs to arrange the site, the size, the luxuries, and so on… What they pass up a major opportunity for, I accept, is the showcasing angle, the venture administration, the bookkeeping, the back, and so on… Each Masjid like whatever other land has the typical bills (e.g.

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water, gas, electric, lease, and so on ) which are really consistent and on time. In the event that you construct a Masjid and the participation is low with the exception of on Friday’s and amid the month of Ramadan for Taraweeh, you are practically keeping up a working for just 78 or 79 days out of 365 (plus or minus).

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A few Masjids run schools and that has its own particular issues. To be limit, larger part of the Masjids are bad at running schools. The not very many that do run the schools legitimately, depend vigorously on gifts from similar guardians that giving for the upkeep of the Masjid too. Get the photo?

“So what’s the arrangement?” you may inquire. The arrangement, as I would see it is to quit constructing more Masjids. Yes, you read this privilege, as I would like to think, there is no point opening another Masjid if the ones officially manufactured are stuck in an unfortunate situation.