Camel slaughtering goes wrong

By | December 14, 2016

To be a Muslim in America is a gift without a doubt. We are honored with 24 hours of running water, power, appropriate to vote, security, opportunity to rehearse our religion, and so forth. Any Law-tolerating Muslim living in America can live with a genuine feelings of serenity.That being said there are however sure thing that I trust we can enhance or change.

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When I initially moved to north Texas, the Muslim populace was not as large as it is presently and there positively were relatively few Masjids. We had a couple built up Masjids and numerous Musallas. The Muslim people group were little and exceptionally isolated. Today, following 20 years, we are much greater in number yet tragically, still separated. We have the Arabs Muslims who hang out with Arab Muslims, Bangladeshi Muslims hanging out with Bangladeshi Muslims, Pakistanis with Pakistanis, Indians with Indians, and so forth )

Alongside the isolation, we have different issues, for example, the Muslims not setting off to the Masjids for general 5 times day by day supplications, financing issues, issues with the adolescent, and so on… Why? Great question. I trust a great deal of it needs to do with our Muslim administration and in the following couple of sections I will clarify.

How I trust our Muslim pioneers are experiencing serious difficulties up with and dealing with the progressions affecting the Muslims in America.The MasjidGive us a chance to begin with the Masjid, the place of Allah. Nowadays, practically every city in the nation can brag of having a Masjid.